JERA’s Vietnam LNG Plans in the Wake of PDP8


Japanese power producer JERA and its latest Vietnam LNG plans have caused even more confusion when determining the direction of the country’s energy journey. While the short-term gains that stem from expanding its fossil fuel fleet may seem tempting, Vietnam would benefit from showing ambition on the green energy stage. The recent results are enough of an incentive.


JERA, Japan’s largest power producer, recently announced that it was setting up an office in Hanoi. The company plans to participate in several upcoming liquefied natural gas projects in Vietnam. JERA specialises in all aspects of the fossil fuel value chain, including plant and supporting infrastructure development for LNG-to-power projects, coal, and ammonia and coal co-firing power projects.JERA’s decision to position Vietnam as a priority country for LNG development is motivated by several factors:


The local LNG sector in Vietnam is still in its infancy, leaving significant room for growth.

The expected growing energy demand in the country and the need for decarbonisation and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Recently, the latter has sparked considerable interest in LNG as a potential way to meet it.

The portrayal of LNG in Vietnam as a much cleaner fuel that can serve as a bridge towards renewables.

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